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Security and Use Of Personal Information

Global Communications does NOT use a "Secure Server" to receive confidential information such as credit card and address data from customers.  In light of many incidents with large corporations finding that outsiders have hacked into their so-called "Secure" systems, we simply choose not to trust this technology.

There is something to be said about using old-fashioned common sense as a tool for keeping confidential information out of the hands of others.  Just don't leave it anywhere, secure or otherwise, that could possibly allow it to be accessed by unauthorized persons.  If you need to send a credit card number for an order, we have two suggestions:  1) read it over the telephone, or 2) use our faxable order form and fax the information directly to us.  Neither of these methods use the Internet, and are generally considered secure.  Just remember to NOT use unsecure mobile phone on your end when providing such information.

Global Communications does not maintain a toll-free number, but if you wish for us to return a call at our expense to any U.S. or Canadian phone number, please Email your contact telephone and what time you are available to  or  leave a short message on our answering machine at  (608) 546-2523.

We do not sell or otherwise provide mailing lists or other customer information to unconcerned outside companies.