FEB 15 2015

Mike Kohl
S-9141 State Road 23
Plain, Wisconsin   53577-9612





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SATELLITE  ANTENNAS    Solid Prime Focus Type

PRODELIN 2.4 meter  (8 foot)  Prime Focus Antennas
Fixed Mount and Polar Mount Models Available

PRODELIN 3.0 meter (10 foot)  Prime Focus Antennas
Fixed Mount and Polar Mount Models Available

3.7 meter  (12 foot)  Prime Focus Antennas
Fixed Mount and Polar Mount Models Available

S-9141 STATE ROAD 23
PLAIN, WI   53577



Message Telephone   (608) 546-2523

4.5 meter  (15 feet)
Fixed Mount Model Available

The design of large diameter satellite systems should not be left to inexperienced Internet contacts claiming to offer the lowest price.

Those that have to drop prices to a razor thin margin to retain business should be thoroughly questioned on their technical abilities while being asked to provide references. Evolution of the satellite industry has greatly thinned out the number of people qualified to offer advice in this area.

True professionals are beginning to become difficult to find, and their advice is often generously given while quoting a fair markup for products sold.  Such good advice can save you huge amounts of money by steering you away from making costly mistakes.  The old saying that one gets what they pay for is almost always the case.

Mike Kohl is one of those sages, who has been in the commercial as well as military parts of the satellite industry for over 40 years.  Due to the loss of his wife last year due to cancer, and competition from a few desperate vendors willing to make next to nothing in order to turn inventory, he has had a difficult time this past year.  This has finally gotten to the point where he is taking a full-time position with an international company that is building a worldwide Internet television distribution platform.  This means that the best way to reach Mike is with an Email to
presenting your situation in detail, with contact Email and telephone number along with best local time to return a phone call.  While Mike may be impossible to reach during normal working hours, he will be burning the midnight oil and can help you at other times of the day, provided that he can fit you into his schedule.  We can still do business, but it will be less often possible to reach him directly by telephone.

If you want to have the input of someone that does know which way your satellite antenna should be pointing, among many other things, please be patient and write an Email.  If we cannot help you, we will be truthful about your situation.  Otherwise we will welcome your business and find the most practical way of making it possible to do a transaction.  Satellite is in our blood, and we simply don't see it logical to completely close the doors of Global Communications.

Antenna system prices always require a few contacts to determine what is actually needed, and then a freight calculation.  So please let us know what we can do for you, keeping those Emails coming in.  Also please note that Mike will continue to try to be available on the Wednesday night Access America radio show with Ralf Black.  Drop a line and maybe we can discuss your questions on the air, possibly helping someone else.  There are few really stupid questions, we understand that you might ask one in an attempt to gain knowledge, but if that is the case, it should no longer be a stupid question--if you get an answer that is helpful.