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CLICK for our latest column:      February 15, 2015
SEP 03 2014 Late Summer 2014 Musings
JAN 25 2014  Reflections on Life with the Passing of Laurel Ann Kohl.
APR 03 2013 Same as February 13, plus hope for making some new antennas
FEB 13 2013 Manhattan RS1933 Version 4.4 Firmware Release      Shaw Direct ANIK G1 coming soon
JAN 15 2013 13 Ku LNBF antenna debuts     Adding NSS-806     Planning more additions to the antenna farm
NOV 15 2012 After the Election     Progress reports on our listening post      Shaw Direct, Manhattan and Antenna News
SEP 05 2012 Lamenting the drought     Adding to Global's listening post    CBC transmitter shutdown    Bell 91 gone    Cheap 85E
JUL 05 2012 Our hot weather        Specials from our Trailer unloading         Bell TV's misadventures
MAY 23 2012 Unpacking two 48-foot trailers         Laurel is on the mend          More plans for our future in Wisconsin       
APR 25 2012 Global Communications plans to re-establish itself in Wisconsin            Laurel's health progress report
MAR 20 2012 The winter that never was       National Religious Broadcasters show      Laurel's cancer progress & broken hip
OCT 08 2011 Summer keeps hanging on      Speculation about our moving plans       Full rollout of the Manhattan RS-1933
JUL 10 2011 More catching up       The actual release of the Manhattan RS-1933 receiver
JUN 03 2011 Catchup on everything       Laurel's cancer diagnosis            
JAN 11 2011 More moving news       Shutdown of the 4DTV System        The Manhattan RS-1933 receiver
FEB 01 2010 Our only column of 2010, attempting to bring you up to date
SEP 26 2009 Remembering the past summer      Progress on our "Move"      Pansat RM-9200      Programming Changes
JUL 17 2009 Contemplating a Move     Fallout of the Analog TV shutoff     Celebrity deaths     Off air antenna news
JUN 07 2009 Rising gas prices     Starting a day job at Skyvision (Monday-Thursday)     June 12 analog TV shutoff
MAY 02 2009 Commencing our transition to Minnesota      Star Choice is now Shaw Direct
APR 03 2009 70-degree St Patrick's Day     The Pansat 4500 Receiver         This TV on the air in Madison, Wisconsin
MAR 02 2009 Off-Air Digital Conversion, Part One     Paul Harvey Dies     Digital Off-Air Headends Available
JAN 30 2009 The Off Air Digital Conversion    RTN versus Luken
DEC 04 2008 Mexico trip    Access-America show    Star Choice News   Astrotel expanded Video Sender Info   and more
OCT 01 2008 More Olympics    Political Coverage Of All Kinds    180 cm Offset with Multifeed    50x50 inch platform
AUG 15 2008 Beijing Olympics Coverage     Georgia vs. Russia     English Language News from around the world
JUL 20  2008 Calgary Stampede    Traxis DBS-3500 Improvements    SAMI Antenna Price Increase
Sunday Night Talk Show Returns
JUN 10  2008 Return to Russia   Full Report Of Kupol Mine Site Installation Trip
APR 17  2008 Spring Musings   322000 mile Ford Taurus   SATFACTS Ending An Era   Arthur C Clarke Also Ending An Era
MAR 15 2008 Still Snowing    AMC-18 and HITS    Commercial Antennas    Satellite Ribbon Cable
More ATSC Conversion News
FEB 15  2008 Still More Snow--All Time Record    Hitting A Deer In Mid-Winter    More On The Digital Conversion
HITS Moving To 105 West C-Band    Speed HD Now On Star Choice    Satellite Talk with Blair Alper
JAN 16  2008 Ice and Snow Solutions    Off Air Digital Conversion News     New Star Choice Sports HD Pkg
No More Free DISH Network Audio   Access America-Talk Show Move
DEC 10  2007 SM-2200 Digital Satellite Meter,  Using the DBS-3500 As a Low Cost Metering Device,  Christmas News
NOV 15  2007 Re-Shingling The Roof (A Good Exercise Program).   DSR-410 Receiver for X4 Sub TV
SEP 25  2007 Disasters Of August & September.  Testing A Dialup/Satellite Service.   Star Choice HD Upgrade Finished
AUG 10  2007 The Day Job Was Only Temporary.   Review Of The HOT DISH 90.   More Star Choice Update News
JUL 12  2007 Live Earth Concerts on July 7th.   More On The Pansat 9000-HD.   Star Choice High Def Expansion
JUN 08  2007 Report from Atlanta SBE Show.   Other Curiousities In General
MAY 10  2007 Report from Atlanta SBE Show.   Other Curiousities In General
APR 12  2007 Musings About A Late Or Otherwise Strange Spring.   Getting Ready For Atlanta
MAR 07  2007 Steve Wolf Now On Thursdays.   Fun with New Computers and Other Musings
FEB 01  2007 Dedicated to our dear friend DEAN SPRATT, who was taken from us just a few days ago.  Let's hope he can monitor things from his perch high above us in the heavens.  We'll miss your irreverent sense of humor and sharp wit.  
DEC 26  2006 Siberian Adventure - Kupol Mine Signal Testing at 50 Below Zero
NOV 2006 The Pansat 2800 and Other News
OCT 2006 Waiting For Winter and Programming News
SEP 2006 Weeds   Distant Networks    WB+UPN = CW Network & My Network TV
AUG 2006 More Berry News, Mailout of 500 Flyers
JUL 2006 Berries Or TV?   More Products From DMS International and Invacom
JUN 2006 Revisiting Cox Cable-Bakersfield  (1987 antenna project)
MAY 2006 Satellite Expo 2006 in Atlanta
APR 2006 Spring Cleaning
MAR 2006 A Tribute to John Guerrero