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          February 15, 2015 

Mike Kohl
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February 15, 2015


A year has now elapsed since my wife Laurel left the living, after a nearly four-year battle with cancer.  This time has provided me with a lot of reflection, and a much more deep understanding of the cycle of life, and how the rest of the world reacts to a death in the family.  You have to live through it to fully understand, and once you have done so, strange reactions on how we treat our fellow man are viewed with a unique perspective.  After losing a spouse, there may be an initial reaction and pouring of sympathy just before and after the funeral, but soon afterwards, you are truly on your own.  All but your closest, truest friends drop you like a rock, either because of the awkwardness of the social situation, or possibly because they are too scared or polite to dare interact with their instinctive feelings.  I truly appreciate how those loyal few have stuck with me, but am also quite disappointed in how way too many people have avoided me during this time.

Take for example the audience of the satellite radio community.  Lots of vocal complaints from a small minority of listeners about what is being presented, but almost zero actual input with constructive suggestions or live audience participation to give us direction on where to steer our conversations.  We instinctively know when we have truly beaten a dead horse on a given subject, but if the audience does not give us a few hints on what new subject they wish to hear about, it can be difficult to anticipate what to do. 

A perfect storm of negativity from the audience combined with a lack of actual satellite hardware that people are willing to purchase has jeopardized my intentions of continuing in the satellite business.  Because it has been in my blood for 40 years, I will continue to dabble, but only on a parttime basis.  There are too many bills to pay from the negative cash flow of the past six years (commuting to Minnesota and caring for my wife during her battle with cancer), so I must get a real day job on a fulltime basis.  I have been anxiously awaiting an opening with a national IPTV company since before Labor Day, and expect to hear some positive news very shortly.  This will mean a life of commuting again, but mostly in the air rather than as a road warrior every weekend, and with a focus on my technical abilities more than direct sales.  Since IPTV (internet delivered television and other media) is going to eclipse satellite delivery very shortly, I will live in both worlds, with an emphasis on trying to learn everything relevant for the consumer market that is Internet related.  So if there is a demand for the products of this shifting in gears, I will continue attempting to educate the public via my radio show.  But you've got to be out there supporting our efforts, if you want us to continue on a long-term basis.  I speak for both Ralf Black and myself, and probably for Jeff Schumann and a significant circle of core people that have dedicated their lives to consumer satellite reception, and are also ready to embrace the Internet as a partner rather than as a threat to the satellite industry.  It is the wave of the future, and magnifies the number of media sources that are and will be available to us all as the previous luxury of high-speed Internet delivery becomes common to the entire population.

During the last miserably chilly weekend, I have taken the time to seriously update my website, removing any truly irrelevant information or offerings that no longer apply.  All satellite charts have been updated in the new condensed format that I started on domestic C and Ku-band listings back in September;  not as a parting gesture, but to create a new baseline making it easier to make future updates.  If you need PID information or anything beyond basic frequencies and symbol rates, you will need to autoscan your FTA receivers, or visit the Lyngsat satellite chart at for the fine details.  I maintained my lists without getting paid for over fifteen years, in the spirit of helping the industry,  Please do your part and support future retail efforts so that we can continue.  I shall publicize future housecleaning efforts that find trinkets for you to buy, in addition to new products as they become available.

I will keep in touch with future updates as well as trying to connect most weeks for a new radio show.  Thank you for being there.