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          July 5, 2012     Updated July 8

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July 5, 2012

It was a blazing 4th of July here---102 degrees F was the official high temperature, and the lack of rain has been so bad that many fireworks displays around the Midwest have been cancelled or postponed for safety reasons.  I am trying to get serious outdoor work done in the early morning or after supper, to avoid the midday sun.  The forecast is for a break in the heat and back to normal 80 degree afternoons by next week.

Starting to get organized on my unpacking of hardware and equipment from its 2+ year storage for the move that never happened.  A good number of Primestar elliptical antennas have been discovered, many in like-new condition, and others not-so-used.  Those of you needing brackets for the 75E or 84E elliptical antennas, as well as the NJRC LNBs and feedhorns, please give us a call.  We've got a healthy supply to sell.  Universal mounting brackets in all sizes   1.67 inch DBS, 2 inch, 2-3/8 and 3-inch outside diameter are available.  I have some used receivers (4DTV and others) in non-working condition that could be salvaged for parts...for the price of shipping.  Call or write for details on what is available.   Would you like a genuine original Primestar receiver for a museum?  This stuff is getting hard to find, and if there are no takers, will be headed to recycling if it does not find a home.

A handful of new-in-the-box AJAK Patriot motors are available.  129.00 plus shipping as is.  We could custom modify for a fee, such as a Spinclination mount attached, suitable for an Orbitron 7 or 8 foot mesh antenna.  Or to motorize a 1.2 meter offset antenna for Ku-band reception.

I also have a number of Holland Electronics 36 dB in-line distribution amplifiers for satellite signals.  These and other "treasures" can be had at a heavily discounted price.

We have also lowered our selling price on the Manhattan RS-1933 receiver.
149.00 plus shipping        20.00 more gives you a preloaded satellite and channel memory (139 to 50 West, with additional satellites eastward to 1 West and west to 128 East also accessable.
199.00 + shipping (limited time offer) provides above receiver, a Patriot 85-E elliptical antenna with universal mounting bracket AND a single output Ku-band LNBF (Pansat PF-7600).  
Other package deals can be created----call or EMail for more information.

While it may sound like another promise that will not happen, mesh antennas are still coming in the very near future (8.5, 10 and 12 foot models), along with the high quality Paraclipse 2.4 meter (8 foot) HYDRO solid antennas, which are noted for their excellent C/Ku capabilities.  Any delays in getting the factory going have been attributed to previous deals not materializing for available buildings at our partner's Michigan location.  I believe we will soon be seeing daylight on this subject, and can get on with normal business for C-band antennas within a short time. 

Those wanting a medium sized one-antenna solution for Ku band or DBS reception should carefully investigate our 180 cm / 6 foot used Prodelin fiberglass antennas.  Custom multi-feed brackets with LNBFs can be designed and installed.  These are most reasonably transported by our customers picking up directly at our Plain, Wisconsin location.  Please call or write in advance, as these are custom made.

Free-To-Air channel charts have been updated this week, giving all of us a baseline for finding additional temporary channels in less than a month, for the London Olympics coverage that begins on July 27th.  Those with C-band access, especially to the eastern end of our satellite arc, will be rewarded with many feeds, in several languages.  Now would be the time to consider updating your system for not only this special event, but for coming months and the winter ahead.

Breaking news....BELL TV (formerly known as Bell ExpressVu) has hastily put their NIMIQ 6 satellite into service at 91 West, about a month earlier than many expected.  As of July 5th, all transponders on the previous occupant at 91 West were turned off, and transferred to NIMIQ 6.  The result is that signals are much more limited than even 82 West / NIMIQ 4.  Even people in suburban Chicago are having problems.
Bell has made it clear that they do not approve of, nor deal with Canadian Snowbirds or anyone else that may be trying to receive their signals outside of Canada.  Click for my new link to their coverage MAP.
Click HERE for technical information on what it takes to receive SHAW DIRECT across North America.
Please get ahold of us if you have recently lost Bell service and want to continue getting Canadian TV.

Global Communications has a number of hardware options to allow you to connect with your Canadian TV.
Some limited options via a C-band dish and our Manhattan RS-1933 MPEG-4 receiver.  Bigger and/or multiple dish systems for existing SHAW DIRECT customers wanting to view the service in the US, Mexico, or parts of Central America.  Information on how to get set up.  Drop us an Email, or a phone call to discuss possibilities.  We are back in business from Wisconsin on a fulltime basis, ready to serve all former customers as well as new ones.

Until next time,