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          May 23, 2012

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May 23, 2012

Amazing what a trend towards normal can do---this makes three NEWS AND VIEWS columns in 3 months.  We are starting to get focused on getting Global Communications back into prominent view, and just made a major step last week by retrieving two 48-foot containers from Minnesota.  This includes a mix that was heavily weighted towards inventory, spare parts, and things that I could not afford to throw away at the time.  All transported to multiple storage locations over 400 miles away over a period of about 2-1/2 years, and now finally returning to roost in southwestern Wisconsin.

It's almost like Christmas, because when things have been boxed up this long, you sometimes forget what you had.  This makes for pleasant surprises, as the realization that I have 3 and maybe 4 new-in-the-box AJAK Patriot horizon-to-horizon motors.  I also have a few others that have been used, but mostly in good condition, and will use them to rebuild our satellite monitoring station over the next few weeks and months.  This means that we have some bargains that you cannot buy anywhere else, in addition to some super reasonable prices on some offset dishes, mounts, and Primestar parts.  I will post them in our bargains section as they are inventoried (it's going to take weeks to find everything and organize it).  The AJAK Patriot motors were originally designed for six and seven-foot mesh antennas.  They have great potential for the experimenter that wants to use one in a motorized Ku-band system with a 4 foot or larger offset Ku-band antenna.  Just needs some angle material, fasteners, and some threaded rod to fabricate a suitable interface to deal with the 22 to 25 degree typical lower elevation angle of an offset dish.  You can motorize the AJAK Patriot with a V-Box, so it has great potential.

Here is what I have so far-----AJAK Patriot H-to-H motor with mast head for 3 inch OD mounting pipe.
129.00 each plus shipping        First come, first served
                                          Click HERE for a link to more instructions and specifications
                                         (sorry, pictures are missing)

Siamese RG-6, one motor (2 16-AWG motor and  2  22-AWG sensor wires)
RG-6 connector installed on each end.        
 75 foot length  35.00 plus shipping
100 foot length  45.00 plus shipping            
125 foot length   55.00 plus shipping

180 cm  (6-foot) offset Prodelin fiberglass antennas
Used condition, with 3.5 inch OD mounting head
CUSTOM multifeed assemblies available, with LNBFs
Pickup only at Plain, Wisconsin     Tell us what you want to receive and we will quote and/or design.

More will be available in coming weeks, and added to the BARGAINS section as soon as possible.
Keep checking our website!

We are getting closer yet to having the 90 cm and other offset antennas (NEW and FRESHLY BAKED in our Michigan facility) available for shipment.  Mesh antennas will follow.  Please continue to be patient;  if you only knew the difficulties and almost soap-opera details behind what has had to be done to get this far, you would truly appreciate what we are trying to re-establish.  It will definitely be worth the wait in the end!

Laurel continues to amaze, with her recovery after hip replacement surgery two months ago.  A cancer patient, with serious damage and weakening of her hip area from the cancer itself.  A new hip was literally glued into place, and she was discharged from the hospital 3 days later, for what turned out to be 2 weeks in rehabilitation. She was walking around the nursing home right away, using a wheeled walker unassisted for distances of 300 feet and more.  Within 6 weeks of the operation, she felt strong enough to put away the walker and use a cane when necessary.  Now it's only a couple of weeks later, and she only needs the cane as a backup---but normally does not use it at all.  Laurel was actually doing some gardening last week---a task she had found impossible to do over a year and a half ago.  If this does not count as at least a minor set of miracles, I do not know what is.  Cancer treatment continues, with weekly chemotherapy to treat the remaining cancer.  At this point, we are very optimistic about her situation, which seemed so impossible a year ago.  Laurel literally had to break her hip to get better, and it has been progress ever since.  We both cannot say thank you enough to everyone that has supported and encouraged her since cancer was diagnosed 1-1/2 years ago.  Your prayers and good wishes have done a lot to reverse what appeared to be an almost hopeless situation.  

The past year has been a struggle to get through, but thanks to Wisconsin's BadgerCare and other medical safety nets that Laurel was fortunate enough to find, her medical care has been taken care of.  Otherwise we would have been bankrupt months ago, and out in the street.  All because of the unfortunate fate of getting cancer.  Without sounding preachy, I would like anyone reading this blog to consider this year's election, and the performance of Congress now and afterwards.  There is something wrong with any country that can waste as much money as we do---and yet be the lone holdout in the prosperous group of "western" countries that does not have universal health care.  We were lucky enough to find emergency care, but what if this situation happened to you without warning?  Would you get the care you need?  What are your politicians doing to change the health care crisis for the better?  Denying reality and giving tax credits does not cure terminal diseases.  Going to Washington to vote NO on anything our President wants to do is not a solution, it is part of the problem, which keeps compounding the longer it is not addressed.  America desperately needs teamwork from all political stripes bound together to solve common problems.  Think very carefully about who we send to Washington, D.C., because our future depends upon solutions.

One other thing...if you have any suggestions on topics to discuss on our weekly SatTalk show on satellite radio, please call or Email me with your input.  We know there are thousands of listeners out there that are off the radar with regard to being "counted", but you are definitely listening.  If you feel too shy to call us on the toll-free line, I am happy to take your input via Emails and phone calls.  We are here to assist and educate the world on how to better enjoy the fruits of satellite technology.

Until next time,