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          April 25, 2012

Mike and Laurel Kohl
S-9141 State Road 23
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April 25, 2012

In a step towards a regular schedule, I present an updated NEWS AND VIEWS article for two consecutive months (March and April).  My wife Laurel broke her hip the day before St Patrick's Day, had it replaced that weekend, and is doing quite well with a walker after a couple of weeks of physical therapy.  She is in much better shape already, than she was before the accident, so there is continuing hope for a recovery, while she battles cancer.  We thank everyone for their kind comments and prayers.

Now that Spring is here, I am taking further steps to getting our business operation up to speed here in Wisconsin.  That includes getting back many items that have been in storage for months if not years in some cases.  Have already reassembled a 1.8 meter offset in preparation for a reinvention of a multiple feed installation, and hope to open up a view to part of the Eastern satellite arc with selective tree removal very soon.  All of this is in preparation to become the monitoring station and test facility for Manhattan Digital.

While running Global Communications as a retail outlet, I also wear a few hats at Manhattan-Digital.  These include but are not limited to acting in a technical capacity for research, development, and troubleshooting of Manhattan products, as well as serving as Dealer Liaison.  We envision a full service company that not only provides satellite receivers and interface electronic products, but a full line of satellite and terrestrial off-air antennas and accessories.  A manufacturing facility is being assembled in Michigan, to produce mesh antennas (initially 8.5, 10 and 12 foot models), solid Ku-band offset antennas from 90 cm to 2.4 meters, and the Paraclipse line of solid hydroformed one-piece antennas (1.8 and 2.3m).

On behalf of Manhattan-Digital, I am seeking new business on their behalf. Among our goals is to contact existing satellite dealers and installers, many of which are struggling to make a living.  Working as a sub-contractor for DISH Network or DirecTV is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.  We want to bring new hope to these professionals, that there is much more to the satellite industry than those two companies.  Many small companies are targeting the subscription foreign language market and are selling/installing for Globecast World TV.  How would you like to make those installations more profitable?  The equipment supplied to these dealers is basic, but it gives us a starting point from which to begin.  What would customers of these dealers think of having the ability to use a DVR with their system?  (Presently NOT an option).  Could there be even more channels out there (some free of charge) that these customers might be interested in getting?  A solution is as simple as our Manhattan RS-1933 satellite receiver.  It has a 7000 channel memory, is capable of controlling a variety of different motorized antenna systems, and has a USB port that can connect to a USB memory stick or external hard drive.  Remove the conditional access module and subscription card from an existing Globecast World TV receiver and insert into our receiver.  Add that memory device to the USB connection.  You now have a much higher quality satellite receiver that is more reliable and easier to operate, with the ability to record programming with its built-in DVR software.  At a very reasonable price.  With this installed, consider adding a spare Ku-band dish for another satellite (30, 101, 103, 113, 123 and 125 West come to mind immediately).  Or motorize your 75 to 90 cm offset Ku-band dish.  OR - install a more deluxe motorized C/Ku system with a big dish (6 to 10 feet in diameter), and access many more channels from around the world, many in high definition.  There are over a thousand free audio and video channels from around the world via satellite.  Visit the Free-To-Air section of our website at  and study the satellite channel charts.  There is new business to be had, and long-time satellite dealers may still have customers with big dishes sitting unused.  Connect the Manhattan RS-1933 receiver and bring that old system back to life.  Make a few dollars while updating to a new digitally-rated LNB, or replace a motor drive if needed.

Manhattan-Digital has the equipment and tools available to bring life back into your satellite business.  
We are in the process of bringing the life back to a former satellite antenna manufacturer, and will soon be making brand new satellite antennas at that Michigan facility.

Other satellite receivers are planned, which blend the functions of High Definition satellite as well as Local Off-Air Digital Receiver, plus an Internet IPTV tuner with Web browser.  This will be known as a Triple Play Receiver, being able to access different types of media, and eventually participate in a new subscription programming service that is in the planning stages.  Go to our website and follow the links to Manhattan products.  We need and want your business, and together we can all make this a reality.

Until next time,