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          March 20, 2012

Mike and Laurel Kohl
S-9141 State Road 23
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March 20, 2012

We seem to have survived the winter, with Laurel fighting and maintaining some significant battles with cancer.  It would appear that I will be having our household goods transported back to Wisconsin, given how circumstances have turned out since last fall.  Laurel is in no condition to move, and it is now probably easier to keep our house than to consider any alternatives.  A ridiculous amount of time and resources were spent getting things up to Minnesota and ready to move into a house, but life sometimes gives you surprises.  My primary mission right now is to help Laurel, while at the same time re-establish Global Communications as a profitable operation.  I have also joined forces with Jeff Schumann at Manhattan-Digital in suburban Madison, Wisconsin, and will be involved in satellite equipment sales on the retail, wholesale as well as manufacturing levels, in addition to providing technical support for all of it.

Jeff and I exhibited at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) trade show in Nashville last month, and got an idea about what might be needed to supply an entire line of equipment for broadcasters and other commercial operations.  The Manhattan RS-1933 receiver will be the centerpiece of our offerings, giving the ability to receive MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 satellite signals in many formats, including high definition where available.  We would like to offer a full line of satellite receive antennas, so are making arrangements to re-start the mesh antenna line last manufactured by SAMI in Arkansas.  A detour after leaving Nashville brought us to east-central Arkansas, where we supervised the loading of tooling and production equipment onto two semi-trucks and a large flatbed truck, bound for a new home in Michigan.  8.5, 10,  and 12-foot antennas will be among the first offerings, made in a knockdown type construction to allow economical shipment without the need for motor freight.  Antenna framework is assembled like an erector set on site, mesh is installed piece by piece into slotted grooves, and everything is aligned and tightened.  Solid type offset and prime focus antennas will be added to the mix, along with LNBFs, motor drives and other auxiliary devices that make up entire systems.  Local off-air reception components including VHF and UHF antennas and a line of low cost high performance preamplifiers and accessories will also be added.  This will provide a base for what we would like to ultimately do with multi-media reception.  Not just satellite, but a combination that could include off-air as well as IPTV reception.  It will also include the low cost DVR solution we have in our RS-1933 satellite receiver via a USB port.  Free media choices are growing, and we have years' worth of experience on how to integrate these systems.  Look for developments in coming weeks and months, first announced on Mike's Wednesday night radio show on Access America, and followed up with other promotional devices.

The Manhattan RS-1933 receiver is now being offered by Global Communications at 175.00 delivered to U.S. locations.  We offer an optional preloaded satellite memory that includes satellites, transponders and channels already in place, to greatly reduce the setup time for new owners of our receiver.  Please contact Mike for pricing on the Preloads, as well as multiple receiver discount pricing.  If you would like to sell this receiver as a satellite dealer, we would like to hear from you.  Global Communications will be the retail contact point for entire systems, and provide technical support and wholesale transaction abilities for dealers and commercial clients needing the Manhattan equipment line of antennas, receivers and electronics.

Laurel had a setback this past weekend suffering a broken hip, which was replaced with an artificial one.  She will be undergoing physical therapy during the next few weeks, so if it seems difficult to reach Mike on the telephone, please leave a message at 608-546-2523, or an Email to  and you will get a return call as soon as possible.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period.

Until next time,