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          June 03, 2011

Mike and Laurel Kohl
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June 03, 2011

Well, five months have passed since our last update.  I have been through the wringer since that time.  How to be in more than one place at a time and still be productive enough to make a difference?

It was not mentioned in our last newsletter in January, but at that time, Laurel had just discovered that she had breast cancer in very advanced stages.  Her vital signs declined greatly during that month, as I struggled with an insane work schedule in Fergus Falls that left me gone 2 weeks, and at one time, 3 weeks at a stretch.  All during the time that many of you were doing a changeover of your 4DTV receivers to the W5/X4 system after the shutdown of Motorola's 4DTV system on January 4th.  Through prayers, helpful friends and neighbors, and probably several miracles...combined with some later chemotherapy, she managed to survive and actually reverse the spread of cancer.  It is still a long road to recovery that depends upon continued treatment to remove the cancer that still remains in her bones.  She is in a weakened state, but can walk for moderate distances with the help of a cane.

We are still dealing with having to sell our Wisconsin house in order to complete the move to Fergus Falls, and her present inability to even travel that far as a passenger in a vehicle complicates matters.  The only way to deal with this is on a day-to-day basis, as we have from the beginning, and hope that a solution unfolds.  In order to minimize disruption to Laurel's routine, it is best to handle most business communications with me via Email at  and I will try to answer your inquiries on a timely basis, whether I am in Fergus Falls at Skyvision, or somewhere between there and southern Wisconsin. 

Remember the Manhattan MPEG-4 receiver that has been previously mentioned, and talked about on my radio show since last October?  No, it's not an imaginary product....we now expect delivery on the first shipment of receivers the last week of June, barring any transportation surprises.  Pre-order now, and ensure that you get one of these revolutionary satellite receivers before the first shipment is sold out.  You can Email me with your credit card billing address, telephone contact, and shipping address if and call the Skyvision toll-free line directly with your credit card information during normal Monday-Friday daytime business hours (8am to 5pm Central) at 800-500-9275, Extension 7011.  If I am not there to pick up the call, you can leave that information for me on voicemail....or call back the main switchboard and leave with a live person, giving your name and telling them that you are one of Mike's customers ordering a Manhattan RS-1933.  Price will be 199.95 plus shipping (19.00 in the U.S.A., please Email for shipping quotes to other locations).

Skyvision is the master distributor for all Manhattan products in North America.  If you are a satellite dealer wanting to become a reseller of the Manhattan RS-1933, please contact me at the above coordinates, or Email directly to for more details.   A lot of time and effort has taken place to get this receiver to market, including some secondary re-engineering that resulted in a heavier duty power supply and better printed circuit board design.  Licensing agreements were worked out so that unlike some of the other would-be suppliers of new MPEG-4 receivers, we have permission to use a Dolby circuit that processes otherwise unavailable audio.  FCC approvals have been obtained.  If you have been considering some of the competition at a sometimes attractive price, check into these areas:  a number of other units have been quietly imported in small batches by some enterprising dealers without the benefit of licensing or government approval.  They may or may not have any real warranty in North America, either because they have not properly cleared official importation channels, or perhaps simply do not have any arrangements for service on this side of the Atlantic.  The RS-1933 has a blind scanning circuit that functions very well on MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 systems, including DVB-S and the previously elusive DVB-S2 signals.  High Definition is processed where available.  A modern HDMI connection is available for HD output, while there are also conventional yellow-red-white RCA connections for non-HD reception, or to feed auxiliary devices such a modulators and monitors.    Unlike previous receivers that had add-on S2 modules, the RS-1933 has all components on one board, resulting in a heat output comparable to a clock radio rather than a rotisserie.  The receiver has been tested on extremely weak signals from AMC-3 at 87 West / C-band, and shines in its reception of the many Retro TV signals.  Ditto for Ku-band reception on AMC-21 at 125 West, where just under 20 PBS signals can often be found.  With the lack of U.S. network feeds on standard definition after the demise of the 4DTV system, the Manhattan RS-1933 can restore your ability to get a variety of network signals, many often in High Definition as a bonus.  If you have customers with needs for some of the commercial radio signals on AMC-8 C-band at 139 West, this makes an excellent backup unit to costly proprietary commercial receivers, as long as the signals are unencrypted.

Again, if you know of anyone that is interested in a rural property less than an hour northwest of Madison, Wisconsin, our price has been reduced to $259.900 for 21+ acres of scenic paradise and a rambling ranch style house with over 3000 square feet.  Here is the direct link to our real estate listing:   Manually key in the MLS listing number if necessary  1607274.

Until next time,