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               AUGUST 10, 2007

Mike and Laurel Kohl
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August 10  2007

Remember that Day Job that we talked about getting in late May?  It lasted about eight weeks, and I ran out of work to do--until the stage of getting new customers goes to the next level.  That may be delayed for several months, so we mutually decided that there was no reason to pay me for doing nothing until that happens....I'm back in the satellite industry full-time, and presently negotiating some other working agreements that I cannot talk about at this time.  Let's just say that things are about to become more interesting and maybe complicated, with a new permanent commitment to the satellite industry.

Like my gravel driveway---which has been deteriorating into washboard, ruts, and worse all summer.  Looks like we will be dropping a couple of grand on multiple truckloads of gravel and heavy equipment work to re-shape and pack the surface, which runs 750 feet from the highway to the house, with a 50 foot rise in the middle.  It's that vertical challenge that invites trouble when it rains heavily during the summer, or gets iced over at times during the winter.  Hard on vehicle suspensions too.

Last week gave me the opportunity to do another famous battle of the dishes, comparing DMS International's new 90 cm HOT DISH antenna with performance on the 75 cm model, versus the Patriot 85-E elliptical and the old reliable Paraclipse 90 cm Millennium reflector.  The HOT DISH 90 performs very well, and at an attractive price compared to the Patriot and Paraclipse antennas also mentioned.  The critical thing is how it is shipped;  some of those cost savings must be invested in transportation costs, as it rates as Oversize 3 in UPS categories, making it prohibitive to ship through them.  So we have a choice of FedEx or DHL Ground, and also BAX Global's services.  My technical report can be found already on the DMS International website, and will be added here shortly.  The only thing negative that I could say about it was that I added some 1/4 inch fender washers (six total) to the elevation adjustments for added strength, and to avoid scratching the paint.  Rather than one or two slotted places to tighten, there are six holes with prethreaded grooves in the mounting head, two for the center pivot and four connections to the slotted elevation adjuster.  When you add the security of a large flat fender washer with FOUR separate adjusting points, this is one secure mount when finished.

STAR CHOICE has released new code for their DSR-505 High Definition and DSR-530 HD PVR receivers in the past few days.  This has given these machines some new and improved features, such as different display colors on the program guide, and lightning fast channel changing when compared to receivers of old.  Somewhere in this upgrade is the compatibility for the new High Definition transmission format, which is supposed to be fulltime after September 20th, and allow the ability to have at least 33 HD channels after that time.  Those having the first HD model DSR-500 as well as people running 400 series standard receivers and the HDD-200 or 201 HD decoders are being warned that all HD service will be gone after September 20th due to the incompatibility of their equipment.  We recommend that those affected purchase a new DSR-505 HDTV receiver now, before the rush in mid September.  Telephone or Email for more advice.

DISH Network has filed a civil lawsuit against several individuals and concerns within the distribution of VIEWSAT brand MPEG-2 receivers.   They claim to have reliable evidence tying these folks to an organized and sophisticated effort to steal DISH Network and Bell ExpressVu programming through modified VIEWSAT boxes.  Hard to say where this is going to shake out, but there are plenty of nervous people out there that may be concerned that it is no longer "business as usual".   We don't want to say I told you so, but have been telling anyone that wants to listen, for a long time, that there would be consequences for the ill gotten gains from pirating those signals.   Stay tuned for more details, as more headlines hit the street.

Until next month,