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November 2  2006 update

Mike and Laurel Kohl
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November 2, 2006

It is now two days past Halloween, and I am still here in Wisconsin, writing the November NEWS AND VIEWS update in a timely manner.  Still awaiting a phone call to travel overseas for a few days on a very significant project, but have been told that bad weather for much of October has further backed up the clearance of freight, and that our shipment has not yet made it to its destination.  Hopefully we will have something to write about in early December, and will update you on any developments.

Procrastinators awake!  The clocks are now back to standard time (as of last Sunday), meaning that many of you come home in the dark (even at 5pm).  If you have not yet found the time to do last-minute pre-winter servicing of your satellite equipment, take the next couple of weekends to get it done.  Better now than having to do an emergency alignment or repair AFTER winter has set in.  Tweak antennas for best signal strength.  Inspect everything mechanical.  Check your weatherproofing.  If you have anything "temporary" sitting near the antenna(s) for the last several months, move it to its proper place or dispose of it.  No sense having potential missiles blowing around the yard during a high wind event, and then be buried by snow.  In other words, clean up the yard!

We've been checking off long-delayed little mechanical and electrical projects that have been too insignificant to bother with or too complicated to consider.  Once you get started, it's easy.  During October, in addition to some yard cleaning, a defective window was replaced, a new 220 volt power outlet was installed and the electric range moved across the kitchen, electrical wiring was fixed to allow three new cold-weather light fixtures to operate in the garage, and a new GFI outlet was installed near the dish farm to eliminate the need for a temporary extension cord to be plugged in for testing.  Now that I have lights in the garage, I can see lots of things previously hidden in the darkness that need to be reorganized or given to the garbage collector.  If you have a similar situation, find the first spark of ambition to get started, and you will be on your way to being (shudder) more organized.

Our Monthly Catalog has gone through some major updating in the last few days.  Some antenna prices have been raised by the manufacturer;  a few have actually dropped a bit!  Panarex Electronics has just released a new MPEG-2 free to air receiver.  The Pansat 2800 is now on the market, at the same price as the previous Pansat 2700, which it will eventually replace.  The model 2800 is identical in functions to the 2700, with the added feature of Component Video outputs.  This eliminates the need to purchase the model 3500-SD if you would like component video connections but have no use for the conditional access features of the 3500-SD.  At the same time, model 2700 and 3500-SD have been lowered 10 dollars each.  In the Satellite Antennas section, there has been a rearrangement of how Offset type antennas are presented.  Small Offset Consumer Type and Commercial Offset Type are the new titles of the former Small and Large Offset sections.  Consumer grade antennas from 60 cm to 150 cm are presented in the Consumer section, while a line of Commercial offset antennas in sizes from 76 cm to 240 cm fill the Commercial area.  It is expected that we will provide more detailed information (specifications, weights and dimensions) as time permits and such information becomes available.

Notable closeouts to be found in the BARGAINS section and elsewhere:
There are still lots of weather covers available to protect your C-band equipment.  If you would like a novelty cover, we have some labeled "SEARS" as well as "RADIO SHACK".  Need a 24-inch offset antenna for DBS reception?  Cleaning the garage has revealed a shocking overstock of 60 cm PATRIOT antennas, with universal mounting brackets.  Priced to go at 29.00 each.  49.00 gets you the antenna and mounting bracket PLUS a 2-output DBS LNBF.
How about a good IRD receiver to control a C-band system?  Two open box specials (opened the box, but only used the receiver long enough to test it;  the LEGACY 1 receiver (identical to Drake 1524, with C and Ku-band inputs) can be had for 59.00 each plus shipping.  2 units only available at this price.

Until December,