MPEG-2 & 4 / DVB  Free-To-Air Satellite Systems     July 5, 2012 update

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Receiver pricing     Plus Freight in U.S. Lower 48     Email us for a Quote to other destinations.
                                     Email for freight quotation on multiple receivers.
                                     Sales Tax must be charged on shipments to California and Wisconsin.
                                     Please Email for shipping quotation on Remote Controls and other accessories.

Pansat 4500 5000 Channel receiver with PVR ability through USB output 129.00
Manhattan RS-1933 Revolutionary new MPEG-4 digital receiver 149.00
  FTA Hookup Kits and Accessories:
KITS:  Add $10.00 for PRIORITY MAIL shipping alone, or included at no extra shipping charge when purchasing a receiver.  USA Locations only.   Others ask for Quotation.
Add C-Band Installation Kit Includes (1) HFS-2 Power Divider and (2) 3-Foot  RG-6 Cables. 15.00
Add Deluxe C/Ku Band Installation Kit  (2x1 switch) Includes (1) 2-Input DMS 2x1 DiSEqC Switch, (2) HFS-2 Power Dividers and (5) Three-Foot RG-6 Jumper Cables. 25.00
2-Input DiSEqC Switch DMS INTERNATIONAL switch 10.00
4-Input DiSEqC Switch PANSAT brand DiSEqC switch 12.00
  DMS INTERNATIONAL switch 10.00
8-Input DiSEqC Switch DMS brand DiSEqC switch 30.00
22 KHz Switch DMS INTERNATIONAL switch 15.00  
DiSEqC Type Horizon-to-Horizon Mounts:
Works through RG-6 or heavier coaxial cable to move the dish as well as receive signal down the same wire.
MOTECK SG-2100 Medium weight design     With 42 mm (1.67 inch) Tube  59.00 + 20.00 shipping
  With 50 mm  (2.0 inch) Tube  Add 20.00
Entire systems
Includes 30 x 36-inch PATRIOT model 85-E elliptical dish,
PANSAT PF-7600 Ku-Band LNBF, .
MANHATTAN RS-1933 MPEG-4 HD Receiver   
OPTIONAL RG-6 cabling sold separately.
199.00 plus shipping
 20.00 more includes preprogrammed rcvr
Two PATRIOT 85-E Antennas, TWO PANSAT PF-7600 Ku-LNBFs
MANHATTAN RS-1933 MPEG-4 HD Receiver, Switch
299.00 plus shipping
Includes preprogrammed receiver.