Digital Satellite Receiver


NOTE:  For Reference Only       The Manhattan RS-1933 is sold out, and will soon be
replaced by the Model RS-1997 receiver, incorporating Satellite and IPTV channels.

Click for link to updates on the RS-1997 Receiver.

Manhattan-Digital RS-1933 Receiver Technical Specifications:

MPEG-1 Layers 1, 11, 111
MPEG-2 Layer 2
MPEG-2 AAC LC and LC and AAC+
MPEG-4 AAC L2 2-Channels/5.1 Channel
MPEG-4 AAC+SBR 2-Channel
Mono, Dual Mono, Stereo, Joint Stereo
DOLBY digital AC-3 through SPDIF Coaxial output

MPEG-2 MP @ ML (SD) and MP @ HL (HD)
MPEG-4p 10 (H.264) MP@L3 (SD) and MP @ L4.1
Video Format 4:2, 16:9 with Pan Scan Letterbox
Upscaling of SD video on HD output
Down-scaled HD video on SD output
Supported Resolutions 1080i / 720p / 480p / 576p
                                       480i / 576i
8 Button Keys
4 digit Seven Segment display

IF input loop-through
(1) HDMI with HDCP
(1) Coaxial SPDIF
(1) USB 2.0 port
(1) PSMCIA Interface Slot
Power On/Off switch
Voltage  100-240 VAC  50/60 Hz @ 25 watts

Handset with Batteries

ALi 3602 Chipset
4 MByte Flash Memory
128 MByte RAM Memory
7000 Channel Capacity   C and Ku-band format
100 satellites and 8 Favorite Groups
NTSC Composite output
Recall Last Channel
16 Day EPG (When available from programmer)
8 event timers, Countdown timer
Update firmware through USB port
Language support in English, French, German,
 Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish,
 Polish and Italian.
Teletext capacity up to 800 pages (when available)
On-Screen display transparency 10 to 40%
Video resolution switch on remote
User can change background graphics
Wake-up Channel Default by user
13 & 18 VDC and 22 KHz logic setup
DiSEqC 1.0 - off, 1/2, 2/2, 1/4 to 4/4
DiSEqC 1.2, Positioner, Satellite selectable with limits
DiSEqC 1.3 Support USALS for dish satellite programming
Polarization H/V, Auto
DVB-S Auto Scan @ 50 TP/Second
Signal strength and Quality level support
IF loop-through circuit for multiple receiver hookup.

Through USB Port
Up to 2.0 Terrabyte hard disc capacity
Will separate files after 1 TB.
Minimum 4 Mb Memory Stick recommended for testing
Identifies program, music and JPEG files independently
Identifies free space, record time and record size
Time record:  Can record in a set time
Can set FF and Rewind times in 30 sec, 1, 5 and 10 min
Play, Pause and Stop function, with Jump selection
User can lock, delete or rename recorded files
Browse record and preview files
User can sort by date and time with descending sequence

Hard Drive not included  (user supplies External unit)



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