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   31-inch round offset    WINEGARD DS-2076 Medium Duty / Medium Gain
  30 x 36-inch elliptical offset       PATRIOT 85-E Medium Duty / High Gain
"Bigger" Larger Commercial Antennas - Custom Installations - SPECIAL ORDER
DSR-600 Basic High Definition Receiver with Infrared Remote Control
Combines a full-featured MPEG-4 capable digital receiver with an advanced HDTV decoder to deliver dazzling high definition programming.
Easy to use interactive menu.
Enhanced viewer menu system contains an interactive program guide (IPG) that provides extensive program information.
Output connectors include:

Channel 3/4 RF Out via F connector
HDMI for High Definition Video/Audio
Yellow RCA for standard video
Red & White RCA for stereo audio 
DSR-605 Deluxe High Definition Receiver with UHF Remote Control
All of the basic features of the 
DSR-600  -plus-

Triple Video Component for HD video
(no Ch 3/4 RF modulator)

UHF F-connector for whip antenna

NOTE:  Model DSR-605 has been discontinued and is no longer available.  Information for reference purposes only.
Output connectors include:

HDMI for High Definition video/audio
Triple Video Component for HD video
Yellow RCA for standard video
Red & White RCA for stereo audio 
DVR-630 Deluxe High Definition DVR Receiver with UHF Remote Control
Output connectors
Same as DSR-605

320 GB hard drive can record up to 175 hours of standard definition and 45 hours of HD programming
  NOTE:  Information given on the 630 strictly for comparison purposes.
Due to questionable reliability of this receiver, we do not recommend or sell it, and suggest that you consider one of the other two HD receivers along with a DVD recorder or other separate digital recording device.
DMS  KSC-321 single output Ku LNBF OK for most standard single-receiver installations
PANSAT PF-7600  Single output Ku LNBF Better quality, for single-receiver installs
PANAT PT-5900  "Twin" dual-output Ku LNBF OK for most standard two-receiver or Multi-receiver installations
5-input  8-output  Powered Multi-Switch
Consumer Unit, with separate power supply
2-satellite reception from One Large Offset Dish 2-SATELLITE MULTIFEED BRACKET ALLOWS ONE DISH TO GET BOTH 107 & 111 SATS.
Please Email for delivered price including shipping
  Antennas  (includes Universal Mounting Bracket)
Call for price Any available offset dish in the 30 to 36 inch diameter size
Satellite Receivers
Call for price DSR-600    Basic HD receiver w/IR remote   
Outputs: RCA and Ch 3/4 modulator standard definition, HDMI high definition
No longer available DSR-605    Deluxe HD receiver w/UHF remote  
Outputs:  RCA standard definition, HDMI & Video Component high definition
Not suggested due
to reliability issues
DVR-630    Deluxe HD DVR receiver w/UHF remote 
Outputs:  RCA standard definition, HDMI & Video Component high definition
LNBFs only
35.00     2 for 69.00 DMS KSC-321 Single Output Ku-Band LNBF
39.00     2 for 75.00 PANSAT PF-7600 Single Output Ku-Band LNBF
55.00     2 for 99.00 PANSAT PT-5900 "Twin" Dual Output Ku-Band LNBF
Call for price 22 KHz switch
Call for price Consumer Model, 5 input (one TV, 4 satellite)  8 satellite output Multiswitch with separate power supply
  Multifeed Bracket
Custom Made 2-satellite reception from one Offset dish  (needs two LNBFs)
25.00 DMS SF-95 In-Line Satellite Tuning Meter 
29.00 DMS SF-95 In-Line Satellite Tuning Meter with 6-foot RG-6 Jumper Cable
Call for availability Whole House Remote Control Extender System
Converts DSR-600 and other Infrared remote receivers to UHF remote operation.

SHAW DIRECT supplies a 60 cm Elliptical Antenna (Model 60-E) to their residential customers in most parts of Canada.  This is equivalent to a 24-inch size, and works acceptably under most conditions in southern parts of Canada and the northern third of the U.S. Lower 48.   Model 75-E, a 30-inch version, is available by special order at select Canadian SHAW DIRECT dealers, and is useful in weaker signal areas such as northern parts of Canada, and in locations with steady rainfall such as the Maritimes and coastal B.C.

Those Canadians wanting to take SHAW DIRECT with them to their vacation homes in the United States and Mexico will often find that a larger antenna than the one they use at their Canadian location is necessary for reliable reception.  We would recommend at least the 75-E in all but the northern parts of the Lower 48 U.S. states, where a 60-E might be satisfactory, and it might be acceptable in northern Mexico.  Rather than take up valuable space on the trip southward, why not consider taking your receiver from home, and have Global Communications provide a suitable antenna and LNBF for use on your holiday.

Some advice about the Star Choice/Shaw-supplied 60-E and 75-E antennas.  Recent installations have included a unique LNBF device with four coax connectors called a "Quad" LNBF, which is capable of reception of both the Anik F1R and F2 satellites, when properly aligned.  The Quad LNBF is designed to work only on the model of antenna that it was shipped with.  This means that you cannot successfully interchange a Quad LNBF supplied with the 60-E antenna on a 75-E model, or vice versa.  This is a very unique LNBF device made for Star Choice, and is not available for sale as a spare part.  If  your Quad LNBF fails, the only remedy to replace it is to go through the Warranty Exchange process with an authorized Star Choice dealer in Canada.  Those planning an extended vacation in the United States, and especially Mexico, might want to consider the possibility that they could be without their satellite service during the unfortunate event of a Quad LNBF failure, and that alternative antenna and LNBF configurations might be advisable.

The Quad LNBF is an incredible piece of technology when it works, and allows reception of 2 satellites from one satellite dish, through the magic of integrated switching and compact pickup probes.  Conventional LNBFs meant for one satellite have been standardized to a certain physical size that means that 2 separate units cannot easily fit in the same space that is occupied by a Quad LNBF.  The satellites are only 4 degrees apart, and the outer housings of the LNBFs tend to get in the way of each other at that close distance.  What to do? 

If you are using a older standard definition receiver such as those in the model 200, 300 or 400 series, you will not be needing or getting access to High Definition signals.   With the small exception of the NFL Network and a few other channels, the majority of English language television signals are found on the 107.3 Anik F1R satellite.  If you need none of the previously mentioned signals or French and foreign language services, a simple single satellite system will work.

Global Communications can supply an American-sourced antenna and LNBF, which will be considerably easier to align for those requiring only Anik F1R reception, and you have the assurance that if this LNBF should ever require replacement, it is easily obtained in the United States.  We have an economical 85 cm (30x36 inch) elliptical offset dish, which is available with either a single output Ku LNBF, or a dual output model LNBF for those that need reception on two satellite receivers. 

33-inch (85 cm) Offset dishes should perform acceptably for reception of standard definition signals on strong Ku-band satellites such as ANIK F1R or ANIK F2 throughout most of Canada and the United States Lower 48 States.  You will get the best performance with two separate 90 cm antennas, if space and finances permit.  

The recent upgrading of the High Definition transmission system to MPEG-4 /  8PSK format has reduced the receive signal strength, in comparison with standard definition signals on the same satellite.
Those with marginally sized antennas may have unsatisfactory results with HDTV signals.  When encountering an abundance of rainy conditions, or weaker signals such as those found in the Sun Belt or northern Mexico, should consider an elliptical offset antenna measuring 30x36 inches.

Access to both ANIK F1R and F2 absolutely required?

1)  Take your chances with the SHAW DIRECT 75-E antenna with Quad LNBF.               -OR-
2)  Install TWO separate antennas, and use either a 22 KHz switch or other Multiswitch for automatic access.

If you choose the latter, please be aware that signal strength from ANIK F1R and F2 is not equal in the southern United States and Mexico.  Those south of Mexico please be advised to check with us on estimated antenna sizes required in specific locations.  Those customers with the HDTV receivers would be advised to install TWO of the PATRIOT 85E antennas to reduce problems.
Anik F1R shares space with another spacecraft serving Latin America, and has a reduced signal strength once you get into Mexico.  We can recommend the PATRIOT 85E for reception past Guadalajara, and all of Baja California down past La Paz.  Those venturing to Mexico City and southward on the mainland may find that larger diameter antennas are necessary, especially during rainy conditions.  You might consider finding a 1.0 or 1.2 meter locally-made offset dish that might normally be used for SKY MEXICO, and install one of the above-recommended DMS or Pansat brand Ku-band LNBFs.  SKY MEXICO uses a Universal LNBF, which is not compatible with SHAW DIRECT satellite receivers.

STILL one more avenue to explore in Mexico, especially for those located in southern regions, is to acquire a locally made SKY MEXICO antenna with appropriate 40 mm LNBF neck clamp.  The freight differential might make it worth considering, but be very careful in choosing or accepting lightweight and often flimsy antennas of unknown origin.  They may not be accurate in their shape, and could possibly not be suitable for reception of these weak signals.   

Finally, there are people that used to use 4, 6 and 8-foot offset dishes of various configurations previously to receive signals from DBS services DirecTV or DISH Network.  Please note that the LNBF holder on most of these DBS antennas is designed so that the F-connectors for the coax connection slide into a rectangular shaped tube that hides the wires.  Conventional Ku-band LNBFs attach in a different manner, with a "neck clamp" around the LNBF, between the body of the device and the round section facing the antenna.  We can build an adjustable LNBF holder to allow you to use your previous large DBS antenna with a conventional Ku-band LNBF.  It may need a hole or two drilled into the antenna, but we can help with a proven solution and some instructions on how to put it together.

Please note the two satellite "footprint" maps below, for 107.3 West ANIK F1R and 111.1 West ANIK F2, respectively.

The larger the number in dB, the stronger the signal, and thus smaller antenna can be used in those areas such as central Canada.

LINK to 107.3  Anik F1R EIRP Footprint Map          LINK to 111.1  Anik F2 EIRP Footprint Map 

American Sourced Antennas, LNBFs and distribution components
 for SHAW DIRECT reception by SNOWBIRDS

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