Pico Macom   USM-20D3
3-Channel Digital Video-Audio Modulator
Select UHF Channels between 14 and 83 or Cable Channels 65 to 139
Transmits three separate closed circuit channels at a +20 dBm output level

Modulator and Accessories Shown at Left

Includes MODULATOR, 110-volt AC Power Adapter,
Three Sets of Audio Input Cables  (Miniature to 2 RCA)
Three Sets of Video Input Cables  (RCA to RCA)

Low-Cost  Video-Audio Modulator adds three Satellite, VCR or Security Video Channels to
Your Home Distribution Network over Cable-Ultraband Channels 65 through 139 or
UHF Channels 14 through 83.

Double Vestigial Sideband Output   +10 dBmV minimum    +20 dBmV typical
Low Spurious Distortion           Frequency Stability  +/- 10 KHz
F-Type RF Output connection         RCA-Type Audio-Video connections
LED Digital Display          PLL Microprocessor Control Front Panel Push-Button Channel Selection
External UL Power Adapter    Input: 110 VAC   60 Hz   7 watts      Output: 18 VDC @ 300 mA
Dimensions:  5-5/8 inches Length x 3-5/16 inches Width x 1-1/8 inches Height
Weight:  1.73 pounds

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