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Online narrative: "Who invented Cable TV?"

Bob Cooper in 2011
Robert B. "Coop" Cooper Jr. is one of the unsung heros of the CATV industry.   During his career, he has been an amateur radio operator, RF engineer, CATV equipment manufacturer, association CEO-by-default, journalist, videographer, novelist, and CATV system operator.   As an RF engineer and equipment manufacturer, he founded and ran CADCO, the Community Antenna Development Company, an early manufacturer of CATV headend and distribution equipment.   As a journalist, he has been an effective voice on behalf of small CATV operators and the home satellite community, documenting industry news with pointed political analysis and detailed technical explanations.   As a CATV operator, he built and operated several 12-channel systems in California during 1960s, at a time when solid-state amplifiers were just being introduced.   He now owns Far North Cablevision, in Mangonui, New Zealand.

Underlying all of these activities, Coop is a writer.   He has written and published numerous journals, technical articles, novels, and memoirs.   And he's still writing today, documenting the history of the CATV and home satellite industries.

In this section, you'll find links to scans of most of the periodicals he published between 1974 and 1987, plus a recent (2010-12) online report on his investigation into the question: "Who invented Cable TV"?

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