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Astrotel Communications has exited the satellite industry, and given me the opportunity to liquidate some of their remaining products at previously unheard of prices. Limited to Stock On Hand
Those of you with a motorized C/Ku system using a Chaparral CoRotor II or equivalent C/Ku feedhorn with polarizer...
if you do not remember when you last changed your Ku LNB, now is the time to replace it and acquire one or more spares.
Unless you are trying for some exotic narrow band audio, or DVB-S2 signals in 16 or 32APSK, which normally require a true PLL Ku-band LNB with a stability of better than 100 KHz, the truth is that most Free To Air reception works quite well with a High Stability Ku LNB rated at 500 KHz.  In their heyday, these often retailed for 119.00 plus shipping.  You still might pay close to that for a Norsat unit.  But for everyday use, that kind of money will get you 4 LNBs and change.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to stock up on a component that is becoming next to impossible to find at any price.

If you have a Chaparral CoRotor or similar feedhorn, it may also be time to consider a spare Polarizer motor or more.
Chaparral units are sometimes going for 35 dollars.  One or more of our universal motors can be added at 10.00 each.
ASTROTEL 500 KHz High Stability Ku-Band LNB

1 unit        30.00 plus 10.00  Priority Mail in USA
2 units      27.50 each +10.00 shipping   (65.00 total)
3 units      25.00 each + 15.00 shipping  (90.00 total)
4 units      22.50 each + 15.00 shipping  (105.00 total)

Larger quantities    Contact us for quotation

Universal Servo Motors  19.00 each with shipment
500 KHz Local Oscillator Stability    
0.6 dB or Better Noise Figure
Winter is when Servo Motors tend to fail.  Have a spare on hand for that unfortunate event, and extras so that you can time your repair work to when the weather is not completely miserable.  Another hard-to-find item with limited alternate sources.
18.00 each    ANY Qty when added to LNB Order

1 unit     25.00 plus 10.00  Priority Mail in USA
2 units   22.50 each + 10.00 shipping  (55.00 delivered)
3 to 5    20.00 each + 10.00 shipping
             (70.00 total for 3,   90.00 for 4,  110.00 for 5)

Larger quantities    Contact us for quotation

Universal Polarizer Motor

Replaces CHAPARRAL and many
other polarizer motors.

Customer re-uses 4 existing screws
ADL CP-400 RP2 C-Band Circular Feedhorn

3-wire Servo Motor for programmable circular polarity

Optimized for DEEP prime focus antennas from
0.275 to 0.335 f/d ratio

Today's retail from Viking Satcom on RP3 version
of same is 465.00

ONE unit left in original ADL Box.   Unused
349.00 plus shipping
ADL CP-300 RP2 C-Band Circular Feedhorn

Manually adjustable for one circular polarity
(Right or Left-Hand Circular C-band)

Today's retail from Viking Satcom on RP3 version
of same is 345.00

ONE unit left in original ADL Box.   Unused
275.00 plus shipping
PANSAT DP-2 C-Band Linear Feedhorn
with Polarizer

Well-made thick aluminum Scalar Ring
Adjustable f/d ratio from 0.30 to 0.42 as is

35.00 each plus shipping

29.00 each in quantities     Call for pricing.
VOOM Infrared Remote Control

Works with VOOM, Shaw Direct/Star Choice Receivers,
as well as DSR-410 receivers used for HITS

25.00 each plus 10.00 shipping

19.00 each in quantities     Call for pricing.